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About Us

A few words about us

TIQS   is team of professionals from the field of Engineering  ,  Medical , Enviourment , Pharmacy , Commerce etc which has worked in Defense , Industry , Government and PSUs .

The general experience of team is over twenty five years in their own field and safety thereof. We have carried out safety audit of various and varied organizations. The team is very well disciplined and systematic and has acumen to go into depth of possible hazards

The team also is competent to give lectures on related subjects

Why TIQS and what we Do

why it all came to be…

Our, on ground safety observations and reports are straight, simple & concise in the language which ordinarily everybody understand with photographs as evidences.
Most important, we do not believe in unwanted frills in the reports, but only the hard matter of fact content.

We do Electrical and General Fire Safety Audit & Analysis

Our Services

Audit & Analysis

What pathological test of your body is to you, the Electrical and General fire safety Audit & Analysis is to your premises?

A mother can NOT see the short comings of her off springs.

They are her own and most loved. Even the other family members will hesitate to discuss the shortcomings of children. It is only the fearless teacher who is paid for the job who can tell the truth about children. It is here that we come into picture.

It is good for the health of premises to get the safety audit & analysis done to find out the non-conformities and remove them.
Once the audit is done and the non-conformities are removed, the organization will be may able to improve the standard of safety, better utilization of man power, reduce daily maintenance expenditures, improve the image of organization, improve the quality of product & review the insurance and the expense there of, and may save some yearly recurring excessive expenditure.

It is the outside agency who can give a fearless and professional advice on the matter of safety & analysis.


We specialize to give our services to following:

  • Factories
    Middle Size
  • Industries
    Middle Size
    All Size
    All Size
    Cinemas, Malls, Offices, Colleges, and Schools etc.

Area of Operation

We undertake the said assignments for the clients situated in:

  • State of Rajasthan
    All cities
  • NCR of Delhi
    All Areas
  • Mumbai & State of Maharashtra
    All Cities via Mumbai

  • Ahmedabad & State of Gujarat
    All Cities via Ahmedabad
  • Bangalore
    Only Bangalore City

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